A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Types of Doors Available from Construction Supply Companies






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Doors play an essential role in residential and commercial construction projects by ensuring privacy, security, and compartmentalization of interior spaces. From entry and exit points to room partitions, choosing the right door style and material is important. Construction supply companies offer a wide selection to suit different design aesthetics and functional needs. This article provides an overview of common door types available along with their construction management applications.

Swing Doors

One of the most ubiquitous door styles, swing doors open inwards or outwards on hinges. Made from wood, metal, or fiberglass, they range from simple residential entry doors to flush wood commercial styles with vision panels. Hollow core and solid core designs cater to lightweight or soundproof requirements respectively. Fire-rated versions provide compartmentalization as per building codes.

Bifold Doors

Space-saving folding door systems are ideal for partition walls inside. Made of wood, aluminum, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), bifold doors stack compactly when open. Interior styles feature 3-6 panels while larger exterior versions even accommodate 12 panels folding together smoothly. They maximize usable space for open floor plans.

Sliding Doors

Whether internal pocket doors or exterior garden styles, sliding doors move laterally along tracks with rollers or hangers. Made of wood, glass, or aluminum, common configurations include single or double sliding panels. Automatic electric sliding doors optimize accessibility for all. They suit tight entrance areas and are durable commercial options.

Custom Designed Doors

From unique industrial warehouse doors blending design aesthetics with functionality to ornate residential entry doors with artistic embellishments, construction supply doors companies offer custom solutions. Materials vary from solid wood, and metal composites to glass panels incorporating natural light. Special finishing, assembly, and hardware matching design drawings are tailored.

Specialty Doors

Specialized solutions include fire-rated steel doors that provide compartmentalization as mandated by codes. Acoustic soundproof doors reduce noise transfer between spaces. Bullet-resistant doors made with composite metal cores offer ballistic protection. Others like roll-up garage doors, elevator doors, or security shutter doors suit niche applications.

Hardware & Operational Options

A variety of door hardware ranging from hinges, locks, and latches are available to construct functional door systems. Options include traditional mortise locks, lever handles to more advanced push buttons, keypads, and card access systems. Closer devices ensure doors are not left open accidentally. Automatic door openers enhance accessibility. Door frames integrate seamlessly with the selected door material and hardware style.

Manufacturing Processes

Construction supply companies apply specialized manufacturing techniques to reliably produce high-quality doors. Hollow core doors use frame and panel construction while solid wood doors may be built using raised, flat, or molded panels. Metal or steel doors undergo precision laser cutting, folding, and welding. Glass doors use insulated sealed glass units. Fire-rated doors undergo rigorous testing and have intumescent seals to expand when heated, maintaining integrity. Certifications validate manufacturing standards.


Partnering with experienced construction supply companies delivering diverse door options tuned to a project’s aesthetics and functional needs eases construction management complexities. Evaluating specialized door types aids in specifying optimal solutions leveraging suppliers’ expertise. This ensures doors are appropriately constructed, installed, and integrated as part of an efficient building design, within estimated costs and timelines.


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